AmpereSoft Configurator

Reliable. Tried-and-Tested. Functional.

Fast and reliable configuration of distribution board systems and components. Quick and reliable sourcing of system components. Generate a schematic diagramm and a parts list which you can use for quotations and ordering purposes.
AmpereSoft configurators achieve cost reductions in the tendering and ordering phase.


  • Configuration of distribution boards and components with supplier specific data and rules
  • Continous validation check with dynamically generated user information
  • Version check via internet
  • Product know-how stored and available in several languages around the clock
  • Processing of supplier specific prices now possible


  • Function oriented dimensioning of the distribution boards using neutral properties
  • Calculation of the required cabinet space, automatic selection of system components and their placement
  • Modification of the assembly plan
  • More graphical symbols
  • Extending the parts lists by additional material (also from AmpereSoft MatClass)
  • Calculation of the required busbar material
  • Dynamically generated:
    External views for front, top and bottom views
    Internal views for build-in modules and busbar locations
  • Automatic dimensioning
  • Export of drawings in DXF format and to Microsoft™ Excel®
  • Show additional documents (e.g. manufacturing instructions)
  • Transfer of projects to AmpereSoft ProPlan for detail engineering


  • Import of material data and prices
  • Consideration of exchange rates
  • Shopping cart views as aggregated or structured parts lists (optionally including technical properties)
  • Consideration of metal surchargesExport of order parts lists to Microsoft™ Excel® (including stored formulas)
  • Export of order parts lists to Microsoft™ Excel® (including stored formulas)
  • Automatic processing of listed standard combinations
  • Various multisupplier material master databases available

System requirements

  • Pentium PC with 2GB RAM
    Recommendation: 4GB RAM
  • VGA 1280×1024 Pixel
    Recommendation: 2 monitors each with 1280×1024 pixel
  • Operating system: Microsoft™ Windows XP®, Vista®, Windows7®, Windows8®

You are not sure, whether your system meets these system requirements?
Call us and we will be pleased to assist you to find out, if this product can be operated on your computer.