Meeting tomorrow’s requirements today – new version of the ToolSystem scores with EngineeringFlow

The new version of the ToolSystem is here. The current release 2024.1 once again offers many new features that turn the solution into a complete, well-rounded system that covers all the requirements of a modern engineering process.  

When working hours become minutes: Then it is the AmpereSoft EngineeringFlow, which we have realised with the Configurator system of a partner and presented at the SPS. It makes it possible to carry out all steps of detailed engineering from the Configurator onwards without any manual processes. Starting with the single line, our EngineeringFlow includes autorouting with an all-pole structure as well as the creation of the wiring list and the thermal calculation verification. With the all-pole plan, the transition to our CAE system ProPlan takes place, where circuit diagram symbols are easily placed and real connections are drawn. This creates an optimal flow of information in the engineering process up to the output of the 3D models for integration into the building models (BIM) in STEP format, which we have implemented with our first partners. The result is a well-rounded system in which the individual tools are seamlessly interlinked. The new features already included in the new version 2024.1 also fit in with this.

Optimised interaction for the modern engineering process 

The newly created option for transferring Configurator projects, which is gradually being introduced to the market in collaboration with various manufacturers, helps to ensure simple and time-saving processes and the close integration of all ToolSystem solutions. They are transferred to ProPlan without having to recreate the layout plans manually. Further processing then starts from ProPlan.

For example, the generation of the heat calculation verification, which runs in the TemperatureCalculator, can be initiated without an intermediate step. With the new extrapolation of wire cross-sections, this will also be possible for large currents up to 630 amperes in future. Manual cross-section selection is no longer necessary.

Improved user interface makes application even more intuitive

The complexity of switchgear is constantly increasing and poses engineering challenges. This makes convenient operation of the supporting tools and a high degree of clarity all the more important. To fulfil this requirement, the creation of combinations has now been made even more intuitive. Materials can now be combined quickly and easily. The combination header is defined directly and the remaining selected materials are subordinated to it. This paves the way for users to easily create combinations such as connectors.

The new version utilises the screen for the project structure even better, making the engineering process even clearer. The new “Connector” class has been created in ProPlan to meet the trend towards the increased use of modular systems in switchgear. It comprises several subclasses and thus enables a direct combination of “plug” and “socket”. This means that the appropriate symbol can be automatically entered in MatClass from the material symbols in the respective subclass and the number of current paths and used directly in the layout plan.

Modern engineering process

AmpereSoft is keeping up with the times with the new version of the ToolSystem. After the MatClass interface was equipped with new, modern icons in the last release, ProPlan now also appears in the same style. The arrangement of the functions has not changed, so that the familiar workflow is retained. The so-called “flyouts” provide quick information about which function is stored. The new icons make the user interface even more future-proof. Working on 4K screens, which are now increasingly being used, is also made much easier.

Whether manufacturer data or the designation of individual components: The translation of texts is a prerequisite for clear communication across national borders. Thanks to a new interface to the translation tool DeepL, translations can now be realised for both ProPlan and MatClass.


The requirements for a modern engineering process are increasing. Switchgear systems are already becoming increasingly complex, while at the same time the level of detail in planning is increasing. This trend will intensify in the future. With version 2024.1 of the AmpereSoft ToolSystem, planners can cope with these developments and benefit from a continuous flow of information and engineering in flow.