AmpereSoft MatClass

Informative. Flexible. Communicative.

Use the AmpereSoft MatClass database system for fast and reliable management of your product and material data using standardized or custom classification systems.

Properties, required for description, can be added or changed at any time. Search by class or research functions filtering multiple properties according to different criteria can be used for locating information. By using hyperlinks as property values it is possible to manage also additional information such as documents and applications (e.g. via network or ftp addresses).

The AmpereSoft engineering tools can jointly access the MatClass information.


  • Using several classification systems within one database (e.g. eCl@ss, ETIM)
  • Selection via properties
  • Management of hyperlinks as property values
  • Support of multiple languages for the user interface and the database content
  • Research function featuring combinable filter criteria
  • Online photo and symbol display (DXF) of the selected article
  • Search function for synonyms and key words
  • Generating assortments


  • Managing several master databases
  • Managing several classification systems within one database (e.g. eCl@ss, ETIM)
  • Management of properties and their assignment to classes (including inheritance mechanisms)
  • Management of hyperlinks as property values
  • Comparison of databases
  • Create and maintain material combinations, absolute and referenced
  • Properties can be added or modified at any time
  • Simple mass maintenance functions for properties
  • Price maintenance functions for any supplier specific identifiers


  • Using the structural information also within the project databases
  • Additional documents and programs (e.g. via network or FTP addresses) can be managed by hyperlinks
  • Interfaces for data exchange support formats like e.g. ECAD, Excel, ASCII, Eldanorm, Datanorm, Access and BMEcat
  • Open application-programming interfaces (API) for remote control of MatClass by any Microsoft.Net windows application (including the AmpereSoft engineering tools)
  • All the AmpereSoft engineering tools can access the MatClass information
  • Implementation of drag and drop functionality with AmpereSoft ProPlan
    AmpereSoft Configurator
    AmpereSoft QuotationManager

System requirements

  • Pentium PC with 2GB RAM
    Recommendation: 4GB RAM
  • VGA 1280×1024 Pixel
    Recommendation: 2 monitors each with 1280×1024 pixel
  • Operating system: Microsoft™ Windows XP®, Vista®, Windows7®, Windows8®

You are not sure, whether your system meets these system requirements?
Call us and we will be pleased to assist you to find out, if this product can be operated on your computer.