AmpereSoft ProPlan

Targeted. Tried-and-Tested. Convenient.

The easy to use, practice-oriented CAE system for electrical documentation. Creation of circuit diagrams, assembly plans, terminal tables and parts lists. Including comprehensive export and import functionality.
A fast and reliable way to standardized circuit diagrams.


  • Unlimited online functionality
  • Transfer of objects from a material database, a symbol tablet or any foreign project by drag & drop onto the plan sheet
  • Practice-oriented comprehensive mass maintenance functions for changing and creating objects and their properties using the Project-Explorer
  • Efficient copy functions: graphically by drag & drop or via context menus within a project or cross project (sheet sections, complete sheets, function groups or installations
  • Definitions on the symbols allow a safe exchange of materials or symbols


  • Easy creation of assembly plans using multifunctional comprehensive graphical functions (including export to the drilling machines of Steinhauer and Kiesling).
  • Automatic creation of equipment dimension diagrams by evaluating the dimension data from the material database
  • Simple creation and modification of symbols and forms
  • Interactive terminal, cable and cable core tables, wiring lists and arbitrary overviews
  • Terminal managment with multiple distributed connections
  • Parts list on user-defined forms including calculation and filtering capabilities


  • Intelligent PDF output with project structure and cross-reference-linking
  • Configurable variant technology for material selection either via sheets, circuits or installations possible
  • Interfaces: ASCII, Excel, BMP, JPG, PDF, DXF, VNS and to AmpereSoft Configurator configuration systems
  • Customer-specific interfaces to ERP/PPS systems
  • Foreign languages, automatic word by word translation
  • Completely Unicode supported
  • Automatic length calculation of terminal strips
  • Automatic data import or export to various PLC software
  • Data transfer to the equipment/terminal labelling software CMS-MARK-WIN™ by Phoenix Contact® and others

System requirements

  • Pentium PC with 4GB RAM
    Recommendation: 4GB RAM
  • VGA 1280×1024 Pixel
    Recommendation: 2 monitors each with 1280×1024 pixel
  • Operating system: Microsoft™ Windows XP®, Vista®, Windows7®, Windows8®
  • Depending on type of installation, up to 2GB free disk space required

You are not sure, whether your system meets these system requirements?
Call us and we will be pleased to assist you to find out, if this product can be operated on your computer.