AmpereSoft TemperatureCalculator

Power loss calculation in accordance to DIN EN 61439-1 (IEC 61439)

With the CAE independent and cross-manufacturer AmpereSoft TemperatureCalculator you produce standard-compliant and flawless proofs for the warming in the switchgear according to DIN EN 61439-1 (IEC 61439).

With DIN EN 61439-1 (IEC 61439) coming into force, additional, elaborate duties to provide evidence have come for construction of a switchgear.
Beside part and design verifications a proof for the warming is demanded by the switchgear manufacturer in certain cases.

The calculation of the warming in the switchgear represents a big challenge. Mostly, equipment from several manufacturers is used. The power loss properties of the products have to be provided by the manufacturers, to be managed by the switchgear manufacturer and flow into the calculation of the switchgears.
The calculation must be carried out in accordance to the demands of the standard and to document.

To simplify and make utilizable electronically the till now different catalog-specific data presentations, the ZVEI experts for low-voltage switchgear have standardized the loss power properties and let tie into the classification system eCl@ss.
Through this an electronic data interchange format (BMEcat2005) is available with equipment class-specific, standardized properties in accordance to eCl@ss 9.0.
Due to this the manufacturers have the possibility to provide their customers the required data in form of an electronic catalog.

The AmpereSoft ToolSystem supports you in the fulfilment of the increased documentation requirements!

In DIN EN 61439-1 it is distinguish between two calculation methods:

  • System rated current (InA) <= 630A comparison of the cabinet heat loss ability to the at the same time effective, installed power loss
  • System rated current (InA) <= 1600A temperature calculation (according IEC 60890)

TemperatureCalculator covers both calculation methods by the possibility to create and manage electrical circuit and location structure.

A significant part of the warming in the switchgear is caused by the wiring.
This information is implemented and considered in the calculation.

In the TemperatureCalculator the following objects with their properties are distinguished:
Switchgear assembly, Cabinet, Device, Busbar, Cable, Wire, Terminal Strip, Terminal

Only by an equipment-related and load-dependent calculation with provable data (source), a real flawless proof of the warming in the switchgear assembly can be produced.
The TemperatureCalculator guarantees this with its detailed calculation and the output of an automatically generated proof document including equipment list!

By simply import of your Excel file, material data of a parts list are automatically compared with the MatClass material databases and the calculation relevant data from the standardized eCl@ss ADVANCED structure of the manufacturer databases, and are taken over into the TemperatureCalculator as well as the structure of installation, location and electrical circuit. Your calculation possibility is completed by the integration of your own material data in the databases.

Reduce your expenditure to produce standard-compliant proofs for the warming with the TemperatureCalculator.

System requirements

  • Pentium PC with 2GB RAM
    Pentium PC with 2GB RAM
  • VGA 1280×1024 Pixel
    Recommendation: 2 monitors each with 1280×1024 pixel
  • Operating system: Microsoft™ Windows XP®, Vista®, Windows7®, Windows8®

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