AmpereSoft and the Corona Lockdown: virtual CAE seminars and free second licences

The Corona pandemic has been the dominant topic worldwide since last year. Few developments in the recent past have brought about such profound changes in such a short time, both privately and professionally. Of course, we at AmpereSoft have also felt the effects and reacted accordingly. Internally, to continue to offer our employees the best possible working environment. But also externally, in contact with customers and interested parties. For example, with our range of virtual training seminars.

What a year! Instead of major events like trade fairs or the Olympics, it held travel restrictions, lockdowns and of course unforeseen economic challenges. Not least thanks to the great commitment and willingness of our staff to tackle the crisis resolutely, we are nevertheless able to be there for our clients and partners at all times and almost to the usual extent. 

This is certainly also due to our “company DNA”, in which working with digital tools is firmly anchored. We enable our customers to digitalise their engineering processes – and have already steered the flow of information in our company in a digital direction before the outbreak of the corona virus. So the change that lockdown and home office meant for many a company was comparatively small for us.

Training for our CAE software becomes a challenge

However, with regard to the training measures we offer to the users of our CAE software (Computer Aided Engineering), we had to deviate from the usual concept. We regularly offer the users of the AmpereSoft ToolSystem training courses in which the individual tools are presented and how to work with them is taught. For example, the ProPlan Basic seminar demonstrates the productive creation of electrical documentation, while the ProPlan Expert seminar focuses on optimising the process chain. 

Holding the events in-house as usual was not practical in view of the numerous challenges. These already include the travel of the participants, which is subject to some restrictions in times of the pandemic. The trainings themselves are also problematic when distance rules have to be observed and masks have to be worn.

In addition, the extensive and detailed training sessions take several days, because after all we want to provide our users with in-depth knowledge of how to use the various modules of the AmpereSoft ToolSystem. But this requires overnight accommodation – which is rare during the lockdown because hotels and guesthouses have to remain closed. 

Virtual training and home office licences as a solution

We have responded to this by offering and conducting our seminars online. With great success: the response from our customers is great and the feedback is positive in most cases. An important role here is played by the extensive experience with video conferencing and location-independent collaborative working that our software experts already have from our everyday work before the pandemic. In addition, the trainings are evaluated afterwards and optimised on the basis of the results.

Of course, participation is also possible in the home office. In order to save our users the effort of having to dismantle the workstation at the company and set it up again within their own four walls, we have in the meantime issued free second licences for temporary use as a special service. Apart from a valid licence, no special technical requirements are necessary on the part of the participants, apart from Internet access and a terminal device.

Normally, we prefer personal contact with our users and partners. But we are happy to stay in touch with them digitally and to be able to offer our usual services – without endangering anyone’s health. And so the positive aspects that “homeschooling” brings with it should also be brought into focus.

Think positiv: Advantages of virtual training

Our virtual trainings save time and money because there is no need to travel to and from the venue or to stay overnight. Instead of travelling from all over the country to our location in Bonn, participants now only have to sit at their home computers at the start time. Travel stress is completely avoided and the possibility to spend the evening at home with the family is very convenient for many. Productivity is also increased, because the hours after the morning event can be used to work on normal tasks.

With the virtual trainings, we offer our customers a practical and simple alternative to become experts in the handling of our ToolSystem. Even though we are already looking forward to welcoming our users back to our premises in person, this offer will certainly remain an option in the future.

Interested? Check here when the next seminar will take place.