Version 2021.1 is here: AmpereSoft launches update for the ToolSystem

Day after day, we at AmpereSoft enjoy improving our tool system and adapting it to the ever-changing requirements of the market. This is the only way to ensure that our users always have a high-performance tool at their disposal that optimally supports them in a smooth engineering process. The results of our work flow into the annual version update. Version 2021.1 also comes with many important innovations.  

It’s that time again: The latest version of the AmpereSoft Toolsystem is ready and can be downloaded and used immediately. Like its predecessors, this update also brings more extensive adaptations. And just as with the previous versions, numerous suggestions and change requests from ToolSystem users have been incorporated into the development process. A special focus was placed on making our CAE software even easier to use.

For example, in the MatClass material management and maintenance tool, rules-based configurators for components and their accessories have been integrated into the manufacturer databases of Eaton and Schneider Electric. This creates the possibility of direct configuration in a “conventional” article database. In this way, complete material combinations can be created very easily and reliably based on technical requirements. The BMEcat import/export has also been extended to meet current requirements. 

The area for ECLASS Advanced data maintenance has been supplemented by a comprehensive and clear display of the combination of 3D models (STEP files) and the maintained connections, actuation and assembly points as well as locking surfaces.

New ToolSystem version supports ItemDataRetrieval

In addition, direct retrieval of classification data from the manufacturer via web interfaces is supported according to the ECLASS ItemDataRetrieval specification. ItemDataRetrieval enables this through any software. Users can now retrieve the data exactly when they need it, instead of having to carry out costly storage. This is necessary because more and more manufacturers are making their detailed product data available in the ECLASS Advanced Standard and the growing data volumes mean that the previous methods of data transfer are no longer practicable.

ItemDataRetrieval has another important advantage: today, in times of smart engineering, smart manufacturing and smart maintenance, product data is needed that is reliably up to date. Thanks to the new web service, this is now guaranteed because the data is updated by the manufacturers at any time. This means that “fresh” and correct information is always available.

ProPlan with new circuit diagram symbols

The new version also includes important adjustments for the CAE tool ProPlan. Numerous symbols for schematic creation and their assignment in the databases have been added. The newly designed symbol management with filter and search functions speeds up the selection of the right symbol. Another main focus of the current version update is the provision of many additional symbols and their assignment in the databases. The template trays with standard symbols for all-pole and single-pole representation have been completely revised, which also contributes to increased user-friendliness. 

An added interface raises the cooperation with wire fabricator Metzner to the high level that AmpereSoft users are already familiar with from many well-known production machines and wire manufacturers such as Steinhauer, Komax or CAD Kabel.

Easier quotation and tender preparation with the QuotationAssistant

There are also new features in QuotationAssistant. The ToolSystem-component for creating quotations and tenders has several improvements. These may seem a little smaller at first glance, but in total they bring a real advantage, especially with regard to usability. With version 2021.1, for example, all window and column positions can be saved in one layout for the first time. In addition, a selected object, such as a operating resources, can be localised and displayed across all windows.

Selected or arbitrary characteristics from the MatClass database can now be updated easily and without great effort. In addition, freely definable import interfaces have been created, with the help of which various CAE programmes can be used for the further creation of quotation and calculation data.

All new features in the Update Info

A complete list of innovations and improvements is available in the ToolSystem start window under “Update Info”.