More flexibility and ease of use: the new version 2023.1 of the AmpereSoft ToolSystem

An optimised and modern engineering process: this is a requirement for the long-term success of a company. The AmpereSoft ToolSystem supports you in this. The new version 2023.1 is now available. It contains numerous optimisations of the ease of use and new possibilities for automation. These include, among other things, the BMEcat output, which can now be designed even more user-defined, and the integration of the current versions of the classification standards ECLASS and ETIM.

What makes a modern engineering process? The highest possible level of automation, flexibility through interfaces, accelerated and efficient processes. But increasingly, other aspects are also coming into view. One of these is the issue of sustainability. For example, the market is increasingly demanding the use of sustainable products, while at the same time developers also want to act ecologically and achieve a positive overall balance of their machines and systems. In addition, proof of emissions is increasingly becoming a prerequisite for the selection of a product in tenders. The new version of the ToolSystem makes this noticeably easier thanks to the integration of ECLASS 13.

Product Carbon Footprint visible

In the new version of the ECLASS 13 classification standard, the Product Carbon Footprint (PCF) is available for the first time for maintenance and evaluation. In addition to the physical properties, users can thus see at first glance what the ecological balance of a component looks like. This means that this aspect can now be included in the selection of the products used. At the same time, the possibilities for describing new logistical and commercial details provide a gain in information.  

The ToolSystem remains just as up-to-date with regard to the ETIM standard, which is important for the exchange of product data in the wholesale sector. Here too, the current version 9 is integrated into the AmpereSoft system, so that contact with the wholesale trade is completed and simplified.

Innovations in BMEcat and ProPlan

The new version of the ToolSystem has also been optimised in the area of BMEcat, where it is now possible to work in a user-defined way. Thus, the output of unclassified materials is possible. Numerous new properties, such as “durability” or “packing parts”, also ensure an increased level of user-friendliness. 

A central topic of the new version of the ToolSystem concerns the further processing of technical data in ProPlan. All data is now managed centrally in the ToolSystem. Settings made in ProPlan can be made visible and can be transferred to forms and cover sheets. This includes, among other things, information on network forms, wire cross-sections, wire colours or the voltage range.

Data maintenance made easy 

For even more efficient processes, the ToolSystem features new interfaces, such as to ELBRIDGE for accelerated material ordering or to DeepL for simplified translation when maintaining data on materials from international manufacturers. In addition, external sources and any master databases can be linked, enabling uncomplicated correction and updating of material databases. Last but not least, the data transfer from ProPlan to TemperatureCalculator has been optimised once again. You can find more information on this in our blog article on SPS.