A little better every day: New ServicePack for the AmpereSoft ToolSystem

At regular intervals we provide AmpereSoft customers with a ServicePack to improve their AmpereSoft Engineering Tools. You can find the current Service Pack here. But what is it exactly and why is it needed? 

The AmpereSoft team works every day to provide our users with the best possible solution for their engineering process. Because it is our claim to represent the entire process, our ToolSystem integrates several interlocking tools to support users in mastering the most important challenges of CAE. To make these as easy and intuitive to use as possible for our customers, our software handles highly complex tasks in the background.

Software development is a demanding job. Even with the greatest care, the probability is high that minor errors will occur. In most cases, this does not change the basic performance of the software, but problems can occur in the handling of certain sub-areas. Every software manufacturer – be it a global corporation like Microsoft or a smaller provider – is therefore always busy tracking down and eliminating such so-called “bugs”. Such a correction is called a patch.

However, providing a patch for every fixed error would mean a disproportionately large effort both on the part of the users and for the manufacturers. Therefore, the patches are collected and then delivered in a ServicePack. The AmpereSoft ServicePacks also usually contain minor improvements and innovations, which are largely based on feedback and suggestions from ToolSystem users.    

The latest AmpereSoft ServicePack

The current ServicePack SP1 for the AmpereSoft ToolSystem also contains improvements and bug fixes as usual. In particular, we have made changes to our CAE system ProPlan and our search and maintenance tool, the ToolDataManager, which are listed here:

1. changes in the symbol database:

          – The editing mode for various editing options has been extended.

          – The problem with deleting used symbols has been solved

          – The button “Norm” has been newly introduced. The standard set in the project is displayed underneath.

2. the problem with renaming ProPlan projects has been solved

1. Newly created project paths in the ToolDataManager are now saved.

2. settings and configurations can now be saved and exported

ToolSystem users can download the current ServicePack here .

The setup can be used for a new installation or as an update to an already installed version 2021.1. By executing the ToolSystem installation, all system files of the tools MatClass, ProPlan, ToolDataManager, TemperatureCalculator and QuotationAssistant are installed in the Toolsystem 2021.1 directory of the same name and the existing system files are overwritten.